Kurt Tippenhauer

Shopify Developer

I am a Shopify, JavaScript and NodeJS developer. My focus is to add value to your Shopify store, improve both your customers' experience and your experience as a store owner.I am capable of setting up your Shopify store, customizing a Shopify theme, and adding functionality to your existing Shopify store to help your business grow. I guarantee transparency of my work and great communication to keep you informed and up to date with the changes that your store is undergoing.I will also provide training documentation in order for you to have an understanding of how to use any of the new features I have implemented into your Shopify store.

Coffee Tree

A custom Shopify theme for a multi product store that features a customizable homepage, a configurable testimonial section, a product focused product page and much more.

Bomb Galaxy

A custom Shopify theme for a single product store. This theme features a customized product page with an improved product information section, a customizable about page, a customizable FAQ page, and a modified contact form for wholesale inquiries.

Simple Weather

A simple weather application written in JavaScript. The application gets the weather information by making calls to the Meta Weather api, formats and displays the weather data using HTML and CSS.

Student Roster

An application for managing teachers, classes, students, assignments and attendances of an academic institution. The backend is written in Node.JS and Express.JS. MongoDB is used for the database. HTML, SASS, and JavaScript is used to build the frontend.

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